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 Leading Logistics Platform That Streamlines Carriers’ Needs for Revenue Growth.

Ensuring Entire Earning Circle For Carriers

No More Conventional Negotiations and Load Availability Gap

24*7 Load Availability

We aggregate loads from the leading shippers to make sure that your wheels always keep rolling with 1 million plus active loads at any point in time. Instantly, connect with our load boards that never go empty.

Automated Load Optimization

Our AI-driven platform connects you with the right-sized load in seconds. Get access to every kind of load that is optimized for carriers of different sizes. Also, get instantly notified of your preferred load.

Smart Load Scheduling

Leverage the AI-powered smart load booking process that connects you with the loads tailored for your desired schedule, which also minimizes your empty miles.

Instant Payment

Get paid within two business days upon proof of delivery and make every delivery more rewarding for you.

Shipper Visibility

Easily view Shippers’ profiles, reputations, and ratings from a single platform and connect with the exact freight that you are looking for.

Bridge Revenue Gaps by Reducing Non-Revenue Miles


Round Trip Load Scheduling - Chisel out the empty miles to prevent revenue loss with our AI-smart round-trip appointment & load scheduling process.


AI-Powered Load booking - Get access to your preferred loads that are optimized for your truck and operating schedule. AI algorithms easily find the correct freight for
you and help you connect with it in seconds.


Trucker Navigation - Minimize your empty miles with the T3RA’s map, accessed by 50,000+ truckers daily, and instantly receive real-time updates on weather and traffic to find the best route.

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