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A Seamless Freight Solution.

Equip Your Shipping Today With


10M+ Loads Delivered


4K+ Active Truck Owners


30K+ Connected Truckers

Solving the real Pain-points of Shipping

Reduce Annual Freight Spend

T3RA aggregates more than 50 smart trailers for leading shippers, fostering an unmatched capacity and deliverability. We equally respond to primary, backup, and spot freight demands with consistency. Shippers can substantially reduce their annual freight spend and streamline every delivery with enhanced efficiency.


We aggregate and deliver data-backed actionable intelligence to boost your entire shipping process. T3RA collects a colossal amount of data from more than 100 data points that every delivery cycle goes through. Now easily predict, analyze, cost-optimize, and direct each shipment that you handle with smart operational insights.

Avoid High Spot Freight Rates

We deliver 100% tender acceptance. Guaranteed. Even if the primary trucker rejects your tender, our dynamic system automatically locates the secondary carrier for you in minutes, saving you from the unnecessary and costly last-minute spot freight negotiations that too right within your existing TMS routing process.

Elastic Capacity
catering Multiple
Business Verticals

T3RA leads a marketplace that houses more than 1 million active truckers with their smart trailers. We are equally competent in delivering truck loadable freight from different industry segments like packaging, food and beverage, retail, automotive, oil and gas, and building materials.



We constantly help shippers to streamline their end-to-end logistics operations to boost productivity. Delivering freight to the right place at the right time is the key to success.


We provide real time tracking for shippers to help them monitor their day-to-day freight.


We connect seafreight, airfreight & on-road freight movement with a vast network of smart warehouses that covers more than 100,000 miles across the nation.


Drive-in more profits with an AI-powered freight network that enables shippers to deliver freight at a reasonable cost.


We have the finest capacity, technology, and a group of experts that are always ready to assist you. You can rest assured that 
your goods will be in good hands with us.

Why The Right Choice For Shippers?

TMS Integration

We have built open APIs that integrate with most TMSs, capturing 100+ data points on each load. These technological advancements help make freight transportation more cost-effective and friendly for everyone involved.

Real-Time Shipment Monitoring

Every load movement is coupled with 100+ data points enabling shippers to make accurate estimates, get instant quotes, and track their shipments. GPS tracking systems allow shippers to track their freight locations and delivery times, reducing the chances of being late or losing shipments.

Data-Driven Business Intelligence

Data-driven business intelligence assists shippers in identifying the best savings opportunities. In addition, this platform is poised to be used to improve communication between shippers, truckers, and other transportation companies.

Bridging the gap between shippers and owner-operators

Shippers can connect with more than 1 MILLION truckers at T3RA, a single platform to meet their demands.

Decreasing Empty Miles

Our smart load scheduling reduced empty miles to less than 10% helping you achieve sustainable goals while reducing global carbon footprint.

Leading National Shippers
Like To Ship With us.

Case Studies

No More Conventional Negotiations and Load Availability Gap.

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